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Era: 2000s

Era: 2000s

The 2000s, what a great decade that was when Paris Hilton ruled with her straight blonde hair, candy pink clothes and not forgetting, a time when Kim Kardashian was her assistant! There were loads of beauty trends and they're coming right back on the scene.


1. Love your Lips

First up, the noughties was a time when the nude lip ruled. So nude in fact, sometimes a really light concealer would be applied!


Forget the lipsticks that prevailed in the 90s, say hello to lip gloss. It was made famous by the Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie duo. Think pink for the gloss or crystal clear


2. Let your Hair Down

For hairstyle, it was all about the poker straight hair - the straighter the better. It would always be cut to the shoulder, or just below and slightly feathered at the front to frame the face. A sweeping side fringe was also commonly requested at the hairdressers!


When it wasn't worn down - the ponytail was the only way to put it up. And this came in two forms, either high and really slicked back or high with spiky flyaways at the front (very Cameron Diaz). To achieve this look, mousse and plenty of hairspray was the way forward.


3. Flaunt your Eyes

Eyeliner was a BIG thing, especially black eyeliner. Either apply a thick black eyeliner, or just a lot of it, a la Kelly Osbourne. A kohl pencil was preferred over an ink version. Apply to the top and bottom eyelids and smoke outwards.

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