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Thread lifting with meso threads

Thread lifting with meso threads

Nowadays, a fresh and well-kept face is no longer the prerogative of the media or the financially secure people. Modern technologies, used today in cosmetology, that can get back youth to the skin have become more available and are deservedly gaining increasing popularity. Among such methodologies, we can allocate the procedure - facelift with meso threads.

How it works.

The development of new, effective ways of age-related changes corrections is ongoing. Meso threads used for facelift (according to the opinions of specialists and patients who have undergone this procedure) are one of these tools that can, in a non-surgical manner, actually stop the natural course of the skin aging process.

Tightening with meso threads is performed in the following way: at first, thin flexible needles (0,2 – 0,3 mm)are installed under the skin, in the epidermal layer of the problem area in a certain direction. After this, the needles will be removed. The setting itself is safe, however, in order to avoid complications, it can only be done by a specialist who has the relevant qualifications.

The procedure is conducted under local anesthesia and lasts about an hour. There is no discomfort after it, small swelling and traces of micropunctures pass quickly.

As a result, a subdermal foundation is formed. It gives an obvious effect of skin tightening. The effect lasts for about two years.


Meso threads are made of polydioxanone. It is a biodegradable (self-absorbable) material with hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties. It doesn’t cause rejection; there are no hematomas or edemas after using them.

Thread lifting with meso threads is indicated in the following cases:

- Tangible evidence of the aging processes of the facial skin (shallow wrinkles, flabbiness, etc.);

- Pronounced nasolabial folds, deep wrinkles in the forehead area, inter-brow furrows;

- Saggy skin of the belly or chest as well as the femoral area, etc., as a result of pregnancy or rapid weight loss; - To intensify the effect and prolong the action in combination with other anti-aging procedures.


Despite the advantages and safety using meso threads is not suitable for everyone. Cases in which it’s better to refrain from the procedure:

* Febrille illnesses, infectious or any various illnesses in an acute form;

* Skin inflammations or neoplasms;

* Any stage of oncology;

* Any blood diseases or diseases of the circulatory system. 

Common recommendations

If we look at the effect of using meso threads for face lifting before the procedure and after it, of course, it will be obvious. However, must be taken into account the fact that technique is aimed at people whose age changes have not yet acquired an irreversible, pronounced character.

That is why this procedure is mostly shown to women of relatively young age, who already need face-lift and strengthen the oval of the face, as well as if there is a need to improve the structure of the skin.

For older women a face lift with a meso threads is recommended as an addition to preserve skin tone and increase the duration of the effect after a circular facelift with a surgical method.

After the introduction, within half a year, as a result of hydrolytic decomposition, the meso threads will be completely absorbed. As a result, the connective tissue of the skin slightly condenses, forming the so-called "frame", which will hold the contour of the face for up to two years. And after this period cosmetologists recommend re-tightening.

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